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Glitter Can Be Mixed With Acrylic Powder Or Gel Or Used on it's Own With a Topcoat
Glitter is THE essential nail art medium. No nail technician or nail artist can operate effectively without it. Whether used by itself or as a background for other techniques, Glitter  is something that you just can't do without.

The most common use for glitter (and one that I take advantage of frequently myself) is as a tool for creating a background. Once you have a layer of Glitter  laid down, you have a perfect base upon which to build your vision.

And the best thing about Glitter  is that it is SO easy to apply. All you need to do is apply the Glitter Dust to the desired area of the nails!

Our Glitter  in sleek and professional looking plastic pots. This not only makes your studio look more professional, but it allows for easy storage and access as well. Each pot contains between 2-3g of Glitter.

Yellow glitter - aqua

Yellow glitter - aqua