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Gel nail system - Crystal Nails

Professional, top quality nail gels for beginner and experienced nail technicians. The choice of International and Nailympic Champions.The science of the gels nails is much younger than acrylic powders.

The gels do not have the unpleasant odor, like the acrylic powders have. They are extemely flexible and have perfect adhesion.

Check out the wide range of the Crystal Nails builder gels:

Clear gels, which give you a strong and durable base. Cover builder nail gels are for gel nail extensions, and they hide the regrowth area at the cuticles. Pink gels are for nail bed enhancement. You can also choose from several white White gels (blindingly white, off-white..etc). You can find houndreds of colours in the category of Colour gels. With the new generation of colour gel: the cleansing free Royal gels, you can create wonderful free edges and beautiful gel nail art.

Most of the Crystal Nails gels cure both in UV and LED light

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