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Professional nail art crushed shell supply for beauty salons

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Shells AS forms of nail art are best embedded in a nail enhancement. If using liquid and powder (Acrylic) pick up a bead and then dip into crushed shells before applying thinly to the nail, then encase with a thin layer of clear acrylic. The shells can be applied in the desired position to a thin layer of uncured gel and then cured,next encased.

These crushed shells may be the perfect complement to your arsenal of nail art supplies. They come in a wide array of colours from bright and jazzy to dark and shadowy. Unlike nail glitter, these products are produced from natural elements, giving them a softer more conservative look.

Crushed shells are ground into minute asymmetric fragments and then coloured for use in nail art. You can apply them to nail extensions in gel and acrylic techniques, but they should not be used directly on natural nails.
Crushed shells  is packed in elegant and easy to store plastic pots. This makes them easy to fit into even the tiniest mobile nail art centre, without sacrificing accessibility.