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CN Glitter mermaid effect - 4

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New! Crystal Mermaid Powders

Blazen your designs with an enchanting water spirit, luring all eyes to the seductive beauty of a siren.

CN tip: Create a contemporary mermaid effect for your clients nails!

Available in two colours, two sizes. New, exclusive black container.

SBS mermaid effect

  1. Refine the surface of the nails and apply and cure a thin layer of colour gel 006 white.

  2. Apply a second layer of 006 white gel, curing for 1-1.5 minutes, the gel surface is not perfect for the application and adherence of the Crystal Mermaid Powder.

  3. Using a small brush or your finger, gently pat the Crystal Mermaid Powder on to the surface where desired

  4. Remove any excess powder with a soft bristle brush, apply the top gel of choice capping the edges, cure for required time.

NOW: £3.40
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