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ChroMirror - galaxy holo

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Newest pigment powder producing the desired mirror effect.

The new Galaxy Holo ChroMirror chrome pigment powder is the most spectacular holo effect so far. 

The small micas make the effect even more unique. Due to its variable grain size, the sparkles are even more extreme.

How to use: If you apply the Galaxy Holo ChroMirror chrome pigment powder onto a non-cleansing surface, rub it into the half-cured product. In this case you will get a more homogenous surface.

If you massage it into a surface that require cleansing, you will get a grainy result – as if many tiny diamonds were glittering on the nails. Finally apply Acid Free Primer to the nail surface or the edges and cover it with 2 layers of top gel.

CN tip: Before applying the 2 layers of top gel, apply Acid Free Primer to the nail surface.

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